How To Remove Roof Tiles?

The importance of roof tiles is undeniable. Apart from the aesthetic appearance it lends to your house, it also offers an added layer of protection. You understand its functionality only when it breaks. There is a myriad of issues that you can face due to damaged tiles. In essence, knowing how to remove roof tiles is crucial. It is vital that you remove and then replace them at the same time.

The potential scenario of the tiles falling is a disaster magnet. If it drops on anybody, then you will need medical help immediately. Moreover, broken tiles also offer pests the opportunity to move inside.

Want to Remove Roof Tiles? Follow This Step-By-Step Guide!

There are several steps that you can follow for how to remove roof tiles. Check out the steps and make sure that you follow them in the right order!

Step 1: Collect the tools and instruments needed

One of the most vital tips on how to remove roof tiles is to gather the proper tools and materials. For this, you must collect – replacement tiles, two flat pry bars, and extra numbs.

It is crucial that you only purchase high-quality materials for improved efficiency and to enhance the shelf-life of the tiles.

Step 2: Focus on safety

The next step involves making an accurate safety assessment. You must note the safety aspects properly before even thinking of removing the roof tiles.

Make sure that the ladder is firm and enlist the assistance of an individual. They can hold the ladder while you go up. Moreover, they can also give you the tools you need. Next, you need to focus on suitable clothing. In order to get maximum protection, wear eye-gear, gloves, and a mask. For working on the tiles, light footwear is pertinent.

However, you must also keep an eye on the weather forecast. If there are chances of an incoming storm, you must cancel the work for that day. Also, make sure that there is no debris falling when you are working.

It is an essential step in – how to remove roof tiles.

Step 3: Remove the tiles

Are you ready to know how to remove roof tiles? Firstly, place the ladder firmly and then climb. Reach the area where you have broken tiles.

After that, use two pry bars and insert them beneath the broken tiles. Push one pry bar in the topmost right direction and the other one in the left part. Moreover, ensure that these bars are parallel to the orientation of the tiles.

In the majority of cases, nubs are used to secure the tiles. If that’s the case, then you can simply elevate the adjacent tiles and then slip out the damaged tile with ease.

Step 4: Install the new roof tile

In this step, you must put in the new tile in the place of the damaged one. After ensuring that it is in the right position, you must tighten the nubs. However, you must exercise caution here. You must not accidentally damage the surrounding tiles that remain elevated.

Step 5: Take out the pry bars

The last step involves taking out the pry bars. Here, you must be careful and aware not to rack the adjoining tiles accidentally. Moreover, you must also make sure that you do not crack any other tiles while you get down.

These are the steps that you need to follow in how to remove roof tiles.

Having Issues With Broken Roof Tiles? Get Professional Aid Now!

There are a plethora of causes that can lead to damaged tiles. Irrespective of the reason, you must remove and then replace them immediately. There are several DIY steps that you can follow to fix the broken tiles. For that, detailed knowledge of how to remove roof tiles is essential. But, if you don’t feel too confident, then getting our roof repair experts‘ assistance is the best solution.

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